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Harmonic Patterns Indicator: Enhancing Harmonic Trading Analysis

The Harmonic Patterns Indicator is a powerful tool designed to identify harmonic patterns on your trading chart using both manual and automatic detection methods.

Main Features and Functions:

  1. Manual and Automatic Detection: This indicator empowers you to identify harmonic patterns through both manual and automatic methods. Whether you draw the patterns yourself or let the indicator do it for you, it’s a versatile tool to enhance your harmonic pattern analysis.
  2. Control Panel: The indicator comes equipped with a user-friendly control panel. It stores the settings for each chart and timeframe, allowing you to easily customize your analysis. You can minimize the panel to maximize chart space or close it entirely to focus on other analysis tools.
  3. Settings and Templates: When you adjust settings or add additional indicators like Moving Averages or Bollinger Bands, the indicator automatically saves your custom template. This means you can access your preferred settings at any time, even after making changes.
  4. Optimization for Windows 10: If you’re using Windows 10, optimizing your screen settings for compatibility can enhance your experience. Simply right-click on the MetaTrader icon, navigate to Compatibility, change High DPI Settings to System (Enhanced) for optimal results.
  5. Harmonic Trading Theory Interpretation: This indicator is a practical implementation of the harmonic trading theory. If you’re interested in learning more, you can explore Scott Carney’s book “Harmonic Trading vol 1&2” for comprehensive insights into harmonic patterns.
  6. Price and Time Alerts: The indicator offers alert lines based on price and time, giving you a heads-up on potential market movements aligned with harmonic patterns.
  7. Fibonacci Fans and Ray: It will draw Fibonacci fans on the detected patterns and display Pivots/Patterns Ray for enhanced visualization.
  8. Lot Calculator: Managing your risk is crucial. The lot calculator integrated into the indicator helps you calculate the best lot size for each pattern based on your desired risk percentage.
  9. Cross-Timeframe Analysis: You have the ability to load manually drawn objects from higher timeframes into lower timeframes, facilitating cross-timeframe analysis.
  10. Reset Functionality: The reset buttons enable you to clear saved settings for specific timeframes or all timeframes, providing a fresh start whenever needed.
  11. Divergence Detection: The indicator identifies divergences with yellow and orange arrows, serving as strong confirmation signals for potential trading opportunities.
  12. Price Action Patterns: In addition to harmonic patterns, the indicator also detects price action patterns such as Inside Bars, Outside Bars, and Pin Bars.
  13. EA Integration: The indicator’s buffers can be utilized within an Expert Advisor (EA) using the provided code.

Parameter Customization:

The indicator offers a wide range of parameters for customization, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences and trading strategy. Here are some key parameters:

  • Use_System_Theme: Choose your preferred color scheme.
  • EA_MODE: Activate when using the indicator in an EA.
  • Show_Last_Candle_Counter: Enable or disable the candle timer.
  • Accuracy_Percent: Set the percentage for pattern proportion accuracy.
  • Pattern_Colors: Customize colors for bullish, bearish, ABCD, and manual patterns.
  • Targets_Only_Completed_D: Choose to show targets only on completed patterns.
  • Font_Color: Set the color of text elements.
  • Fan_Color: Choose the color for drawn fans.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Enable or disable alerts, notifications, and email functions.
  • Price Action Sensors: Enable or disable detection of Inside Bars, Outside Bars, and Pin Bars.
  • Risk Management: Configure risk management parameters, including risk percentage and lot calculation method.
  • History_Bars: Set the maximum number of bars for analysis.

Incorporating harmonic patterns into your trading strategy can significantly enhance your decision-making process. It’s important to remember that effective trading also requires responsible risk management, thorough testing, and continuous learning.


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