ON Trade Waves Patterns Harmonic Elliot Wolfe

Best Harmonic Wolf Elliot Waves Indicator


Introducing ON Trade Waves Patterns Harmonic Elliot Wolfe, an advanced indicator designed to detect various market patterns using both manual and automated methods. Here’s how it works:

Harmonic Patterns: This indicator can identify harmonic patterns that appear on your chart. These patterns are essential for traders practicing harmonic trading theory, as popularized by Scott Carney’s book “Harmonic Trading vol 1&2.” Whether you draw them manually or rely on automated detection, ON Trade Waves Patterns has you covered.

Control Panel: We’ve equipped this indicator with a user-friendly control panel. It saves your chart and timeframe settings, allowing you to switch between different configurations effortlessly. You can even minimize it to maximize your chart space. If you prefer working with other analysis tools, a simple click of the close button hides all indicator data.

Template Saving: When you customize your settings or add other indicators like Moving Averages or Bollinger Bands, this indicator automatically saves your template. This means you can easily load your preferred settings whenever you need them.

Optimized Display: For Windows 10 users, we recommend adjusting your DPI settings for the best screen experience on HD devices. Right-click on the MetaTrader icon, select Compatibility, then choose “Change High DPI Settings” and set it to “System (Enhanced).”

Additional Features: ON Trade Waves Patterns Harmonic Elliot Wolfe goes beyond harmonic patterns. It offers several other valuable features:

  • Price and time alert lines to keep you informed.
  • Fibonacci fans to complement your detected patterns.
  • Pivots, Camarella, and Patterns Ray for advanced analysis.
  • The ability to load manually drawn objects from higher timeframes into lower timeframes.
  • An alert and notification system that provides targets, stop levels, and entry points as signals.
  • Divergence detection with yellow and orange arrows for added confirmation.
  • Automatic lot size calculation for each pattern, helping you manage risk effectively.
  • Recognition of price action patterns like Pinbars, Inside Bars, and Outside Bars.

Integration with Expert Advisors (EAs): If you’re into algorithmic trading, you can use this indicator’s buffers in an EA by applying the provided code.

ON Trade Waves Patterns Harmonic Elliot Wolfe is your comprehensive tool for pattern recognition and analysis, offering a wide array of features to enhance your trading strategy.

Discover more about this powerful indicator by checking out our user manual [insert link]. Start maximizing your trading potential today!


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