ON Trade Angler

This product will draw for you time price channel that reverse price when price arrive to its borders


“This indicator is a simple trend detection tool.

You can use it with your strategy to achieve good entries, such as in scalping mode.

It will draw a channel around the price, which will expand as time increases. In custom periods, it will revert to the starting point of the expansion based on an algorithm that considers time and price together.

You can buy at the lower boundary of the channel after signs of reversal become apparent.

And you can sell from the upper boundary of the channel after you observe signs of reversal.


  • Use System Theme: You can choose your theme from here.
  • Calculation Type: You can choose between these three options:

1- Original calculations: This area defines the day’s trend if it opens above or below this area.

2- New Calculation: It will draw the channel that will be relied upon for detecting the trend.

3- Sheph: A modified channel to be drawn on symbols that are not compatible with the new calculation method.”

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!


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