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Technical Indicator for Detecting Strong Price Action Patterns: Pin Bar, Inside Bar, and Outside Bar


Technical Indicator for Detecting Strong Price Action Patterns: Pin Bar, Inside Bar, and Outside Bar

Introduction: In the realm of technical analysis, price action patterns serve as vital indicators of potential market movements. We’ve developed a sophisticated technical indicator that streamlines the identification of robust price action patterns on charts. Our indicator specializes in detecting three essential patterns: Pin Bar, Inside Bar, and Outside Bar.

Key Patterns Detected:

  1. Pin Bar: The Pin Bar pattern is a single candlestick formation that signifies potential reversals in market trends. It is characterized by a small body and a long tail or “wick” that protrudes either above or below the body. A bullish Pin Bar suggests a possible bullish reversal, while a bearish Pin Bar hints at a bearish reversal.
  2. Inside Bar: The Inside Bar pattern occurs when the entire price range of a single candle falls within the price range of the previous candle. This pattern suggests a temporary consolidation or indecision in the market, often preceding a breakout in either direction.
  3. Outside Bar: The Outside Bar pattern, also known as the “engulfing” pattern, emerges when the range of one candle completely engulfs the range of the preceding candle. A bullish Outside Bar can signal a potential bullish reversal, whereas a bearish Outside Bar could indicate a bearish reversal.

Indicator Functionality: Our indicator stands out by pinpointing the strongest instances of these three patterns on a price chart, providing traders with timely and reliable insights.

Usage Guidelines: While this indicator is a potent tool for traders, it is recommended to use it as a confirmation rather than a standalone strategy. Incorporate it alongside your existing trading strategy to enhance decision-making.

Parameters and Customization:

  • Use_System_Visuals: Toggle the use of system visual style.
  • Use_Notification: Enable or disable notifications via push messages.
  • Use_Alert: Choose to receive alerts when a pattern is detected.
  • Use_E_Mail: Opt to receive email messages for detected patterns.
  • Detect_PinBar: Activate or deactivate detection of the Pin Bar pattern.
  • PinBar_Minimum_Range: Set the minimum range (in pips) for detecting Pin Bar.
  • Detect_InsideBar: Enable or disable detection of the Inside Bar pattern.
  • InsideBar_Minimum_Range: Specify the minimum range (in pips) for Inside Bar detection.
  • Detect_OutSideBar: Turn on or off detection of the Outside Bar pattern.
  • OutSideBar_Minimum_Range: Define the minimum range (in pips) for Outside Bar detection.
  • Show_Target: Show or hide drawing targets on the chart.
  • Show_Names: Display or hide pattern names on the chart.

Conclusion: Our advanced technical indicator offers traders an efficient way to identify and leverage the power of Pin Bar, Inside Bar, and Outside Bar patterns. By providing accurate and timely alerts, this tool enhances traders’ ability to confirm their trading decisions and optimize their strategies. Remember, while this indicator is an invaluable aid, combining it with a comprehensive trading strategy will yield the best results in navigating the dynamic world of financial markets.

[Disclaimer: This indicator should be used as a supplementary tool and not as the sole basis for trading decisions. Always exercise caution and conduct thorough analysis before making trades.]


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