ON Trade Optuma Astro

Best Product to draw planetary lines on charts.


This is an astronomy indicator for the MT4 platform like optuma program that performs a variety of functions. It uses complex algorithms to perform its own calculations, which are so accurate.

  • The indicator has a panel that provides astronomical information such as planets’ geo/heliocentric cords, distance of sun/earth, magnitude, elongation, constellation, ecliptic cords, equatorial cords, and horizontal cords depending on  the vertical line that generated by the indicator depend on the time value.
  • The indicator can draw planetary lines on the chart, and you can control their scale and basic angle. You can also control the display of each planet line from the control panel.
  • It can draw planetary relationships, including conjunctions, sextile, quadrature, trine, opposition, and retrograde. You can also scan a custom time range for selected relations.
  • It will draw squaring vertical lines as modified method by Gann to know the reversal times
  • The indicator can also draw the New Moon and Full Moon on the chart.
  • It has a Square of Nine panel that allows you to use it with your astronomy analyses.
  • Furthermore, it has the Time of Planetary Degree function, and you can control the angle entry.
  • The orbits function can draw orbits times separators on the chart related to daily or current chart as you choose from the settings.
  • The indicator has an account info panel with a lot calculator and alarm function.
  • All of these functions can be controlled from the control panel, and it can save all the sets you choose.
  • This indicator has overlay function .

Overall, this astronomy indicator is a powerful tool for anyone interested in astronomy and can assist in making informed trading decisions.


  • It Won’t work on back test see the video attached and photos it will work as same as in video .
  • Please don’t forget to add your review .
  • This product now in its first start and there is new updates coming we have plan to make it the only and the best one in market .

Introducing the Astronomy Indicator for MT4: Your Ultimate Celestial Trading Companion

Are you ready to elevate your trading experience to celestial heights? Look no further than our revolutionary Astronomy Indicator for MT4. This innovative tool transcends traditional trading indicators, harnessing the power of complex algorithms to provide you with unparalleled astronomical insights and precision calculations.

A Universe of Information at Your Fingertips: Gaze upon a comprehensive panel that unveils a treasure trove of astronomical data. Witness the planets’ geo/heliocentric coordinates, the sun/earth distance, magnitudes, elongations, constellations, ecliptic and equatorial coordinates, and even horizontal coordinates—each meticulously calculated and beautifully presented. The vertical line generated by the indicator corresponds to the time value, granting you a cosmic perspective on your trading journey.

Planetary Lines and Relationships: Experience the magic of planetary lines as they grace your charts, with customizable scales and angles. Effortlessly toggle the visibility of each planet’s line through the intuitive control panel. Discover the art of planetary relationships with indicators for conjunctions, sextiles, quadratures, trines, oppositions, and retrogrades. Explore these cosmic configurations within your chosen time range, empowering you to identify significant trading opportunities.

Unlocking Gann’s Wisdom: Unveil the future with Gann-inspired squaring vertical lines that reveal potential reversal times. This innovative modification brings Gann’s time-tested principles to life, helping you stay ahead of market turns and trends.

Lunar Guidance: Navigate the lunar phases with elegance as the New Moon and Full Moon adorn your charts. Lunar cycles play a vital role in trading, and our indicator ensures you never miss a beat.

The Square of Nine Advantage: Harness the Square of Nine panel to enrich your astronomical analyses. This ancient tool has been seamlessly integrated to empower you with unique perspectives on price and time relationships.

Time of Planetary Degree: Embark on a journey through the heavens with the Time of Planetary Degree function. Effortlessly adjust angles and dive into the cosmos, aligning your trading decisions with celestial wisdom.

Orbits and More: Witness the orbits function, an ingenious feature that draws orbit time separators on your chart, be it daily or current. The indicator’s account info panel complements its features with a powerful lot calculator and alarm function, ensuring you’re always in control.

Seize the Stars: Navigate the universe of trading with an overlay function that offers clarity and precision. Every feature is seamlessly accessible through the intuitive control panel, allowing you to save your preferred settings for a personalized trading journey.

A Bright Future Awaits: This Astronomy Indicator marks the dawn of a new era. As you embrace its potential, remember that it’s merely the beginning. Updates are on the horizon, with a vision to establish it as the premier and unparalleled offering in the market.

One Note of Importance: While the indicator does not support backtesting, rest assured that its functionality has been meticulously captured in an attached video and images. Witness its dynamic capabilities in action.

Your Review Matters: As you embark on this cosmic trading journey, kindly share your experiences through reviews. Your feedback fuels our pursuit of excellence.

Embrace the stars, capture the planets, and navigate the cosmos with confidence. The Astronomy Indicator for MT4 is your guiding light in the world of trading, merging the profound with the practical in a harmonious dance of celestial precision and financial acumen.


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