ON Trade Numerology Station

ON trade numerology station the name enough to talk about this indicator


This indicator has a lot of numerology analyzing methods that can support your analyzes or can work as custom strategy by it self ..we will start to explain them one by one :



1-Range channel that draws the limits of daily movements to detect places of buy and places of sell .

2- Angler will detect Dynamic numeral levels that result of time and price squaring with custom numeral method that works like support and resistant and will support your analyzes

3- Shepherd Levels it is levels that work like support and resistance but they are the result of complicated numerology method and they are good to approve your entries on other methods like harmonic or supply and demand they will give you the right places of price reversing zone you can control spacing between the levels by adjusting factor as you see it compatible with chart movement speed .

4- Fibo Zones this function will draw daily zones depending on adjusted fibo parameters this zones work fine alone or mixed with other strategy like supply and demand or square of nine levels they are suitable to work with this zones note working with this zones is as same as working with supply and demand .

5- The Hourly Zones will draw zones at specified times that obtained in settings that can be used as center of movement in day .

6- RBA Zones  this method will draw zones that can be controlled if its size by changing the factor value and this zones can work alone and can work with other methods also we can use it as martingale work with small lots on every zone it will give great profits

7 – RBA Levels this is so strong method that can work alone and can work mixed with any other analyze even if it is trend line …

just turn on its button and press ac (Auto Calc) but put the price in the range of current day time and indicator will make all numeral calcs to move lines to its places or you can depend on daily open by just pressing o and indicator will move also every thing to its place .

you can use the numerology star with this method because of its walls can work as support and resistance lines .. like this example

8 –  The FF Method is great tool can be used alone it has specific way to work with it you can ask me about it if you like to buy indicator  and it can be merged with range method and it will give great results .

9 – The Universal Code method is numerology support and resistance levels you can combine it with other methods for approval only .

10 – Squaring method one of the most greatest tools to predict the time of reverse depend on some easy rules can be used to support your analyze with it ..

11- Engineering Trend is numeral trend that can be used to support your analyzes with it by use it with last peaks and leaks

12- Tesla Levels this method is the result of numerology calculations and analyzes on tesla circle and it is so effective on chart as you can see this photo as example

13 – Manual Tesla it works like you are turning the tesla disk by your hand onto the charts  it can be used alone or with range or with any other strategy

14- D_Fiboz Method will predict daily high and low levels … i can also explain it for you it can be used combined with other method

15- Predicted this method will predict high and low depend on quantum numerology analyzes it is weak method but some times help combined with other method

16 – RBA_SUN this method use the sun angle to draw support and resistance levels can be used for scalping trading and it is strong strategy can be used alone or combined with other method ..

other functions

1- symbol name and profits with opened lots

2-trend now and its strength

3-alarm with 4 alarm lines can send notifications to phone or alert on platform

4- info about symbol spread and margin required .


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